Who We Are

Meet the EventCapture Team!

Michael Doane


Michael Doane has led the EventCapture team in excellence for the last 20 years. Inspired by other entrepreneurs who were willing to risk it all, Michael holds a B.S. in Business Administration from USC (Fight on!). He leads his team by example and is often seen on-site working hard alongside his technicians. Michael uses his wisdom and experience, from the last two decades, to bring state-of-the-art capture equipment and fresh insights to the ever evolving capture industry. He is the founder of SynchVue Recording Systems (SRS) where state of the art capture equipment is designed and he is a valuable member of his community in Las Vegas, NV. Building and developing a team that performs beyond his expectations every day is what satisfies Michael the most about his work with EventCapture. Michael’s favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. On the rare occasions he can pull himself away from his many projects at work you may find him running or listening to new wave 80’s music.
Email Michael at: mdoane@synchvue.com

Carolyn Bauman


Carolyn Bauman has been an integral part of the EventCapture management team for over 5 years. Before coming to the EventCapture team she was a manager director of an online store and operations director/meeting planner for a publisher of soft skills training products. She holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Minnesota. After living in Minnesota for 48 years she is now happy to call Las Vegas home. Carolyn enjoys working with EventCapture because it allows her to create a great product and provide great customer service. When not at work Carolyn enjoys hiking in the outdoors and eating anything chocolate.
Email Carolyn at: cbauman@sok-media.com

Peter Monta

Vice President, New Product Development

Peter Monta has been an integral part of EventCapture for over 17 years leading our advances in our product development as well as taking the role of lead editor. After 17 years Peter is still passionate about the work because there are "always new challenges to overcome" and he enjoys the opportunity to build and create new things. Before bringing his expertise to the team, he was an Audio Engineer as well as Lighting Designer/Programmer, working with Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Peter has even been on ‘the other side of the mic’, recorded as voice-over talent for Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.
Email Peter at: pmonta@sok-media.com

Dawn McLaughlin

Sales Director

Dawn McLaughlin began working with EventCapture over 13 years ago. She brought with her an extensive background in sales and business through her previous roles with Gartner and Wells Fargo. Being able to satisfy client needs with the flexibility and client-focused culture EventCapture offers, this brings passion and satisfaction to her work. Dawn and her family live in Coon Rapids, IA. When Dawn isn’t at work for her clients, you will find her reading, sketching, baking or enjoying the outdoors with family.
Email Dawn at: dmclaughlin@sok-media.com

Alyssa Morlan

Senior Account Manager

Alyssa joined EventCapture about 3 years ago and works as the senior account manager in Las Vegas, NV. Alyssa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts from NAU and brings her past experience working with Circle Foods, LLC to the team. She enjoys working with EventCapture because it is a friendly environment where it’s hard to get bored of doing the same task over and over since members of the team all work in a variety of departments. Alyssa enjoys artistic crafting in her free time and holds a special passion for Disney/Pixar movies like Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. Alyssa’s favorite food is Italian and she loves the smell of fresh baked bread or better yet, brownies.
Email Alyssa at: amorlan@sok-media.com

Sarah Lough

Account Manager

Sarah Lough joined EventCapture in 2016 just before the company relocated to Las Vegas, NV. Before working as an account manager with the best capture team in the world, she honed her customer service skills managing a chiropractic based sales team in San Diego, CA. The thing she finds most satisfying about her work with EventCapture is being able to have a hand in providing valuable education to working professionals in their industry. When not working hard at the office or on-site you will most likely find Sarah with her nose stuck in a Stephen King or Joe Hill novel. Sarah is a newlywed and lives happily in Las Vegas with her husband and two dogs.
Email Sarah at: slough@sok-media.com

Alex Lough

Show Manager

Alex Lough has been an integral part of the EventCapture team since January 2012. He joined the team after completing a Bachelor's degree in Economics from The University of Arizona (go Wildcats!). Alex is a dual citizen with citizenship in Canada as well as the United States. His hometown is Ramona, CA but he is now happy to call Las Vegas home. Being able to travel to new places and try local favorite cuisines is one of Alex’s favorite parts about the work. When Alex isn’t managing on-site events you might find him at home playing a game of Rocketleague or walking his two dogs Macy & Zona.
Email Alex at: alough@sok-media.com

Eric Andrews

Tech + Graphic Designer

Eric Andrews has been an integral part of the EventCapture team for 14 years, supporting many departments under the company. His experience in graphic design and creative consulting have been invaluable to the EventCapture brand as it has evolved over the years. When Eric isn’t working hard on designing graphics or capturing content on-site, you are likely to find him being an active member of his community in Roseburg Oregon. Eric has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu and he owns his own lifestyle clothing brand, Distinguished Apes. Aside from graphic design and Jiu-Jitsu he is passionate about tattoos, coffee, and his two dogs.
Email Eric at: eandrews@sok-media.com

Marion Arscott


Marion Arscott is our local technician in Dallas, TX and she has worked with the EventCapture team for the past 10 years. Inspired by her father, who at 82 still teaches college and is an amazing artist, Marion holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and once bicycled half way across the United States. Before working full time for EventCapture Marion conceptualized, constructed and erected sets for videos with her company Proper Vision. She finds great satisfaction in the capture industry; in the traveling it awards her and in overcoming the different challenges that come with it. She loves working with technology and interacting with clients on-site and it is her goal to give the clients an effortless experience. Even when not at work Marion is always busy, you are likely to find her working on an art project for her home, playing with her cats and dogs, or singing along to musicals like Hamlet. Marion’s favorite movie is Babe and she has a dog named ‘New Dog’.
Email Marion at: marscott@sok-media.com

Dan Neves


Dan Neves has been with EventCapture for 5 years and calls Kissimmee, Florida home. Dan has been performing conference capture since 1996 and worked for Multiview before joining the EventCapture team. He has an extensive background in music, history, and education and has done work as a composer. When Dan’s not on-site or being mistaken for Richard Dreyfus, he spends time on his patio studying the Bible online. His favorite smells are bacon and fresh coffee and his favorite cuisine is hot wings.
Email Dan at: dneves@sok-media.com

Hector Feliciano


Hector Feliciano has been a valuable member of the EventCapture team for 3 years and calls Charlotte, NC home. He is passionate about delivering the best service with the most client satisfaction and is gratified by being on a team who he feels performs at top notch in the capture industry. Hector is a huge collector of sports cards and comic books but you might also find him watching movies like The Notebook, Scarface, or A Bronx Tale. When weather allows, Hector spends his time jet skiing or kayaking, and his favorite food is Italian or seafood.
Email Hector at: hfeliciano@sok-media.com